Wheeler Winterguard Wins Division AA Silver Medal

Guard2013GroupOn April 6, 2013, the Wheeler Winterguard competed in the SAPA Winterguard Championship in Chattanooga, Tenn. The winterguard placed second overall in the AA Division, receiving the Silver Medal. The competition included color guards from the entire state of Georgia as well as teams from Tennessee and Alabama. The ladies had another amazing show and peaked at just the right moment of the season, leaving the audience with an unforgettable performance.

“The team overcame an incredible amount of adversity and jumped to the head of their class,” said guard instructor Stephanie Boisjolie. “The staff could not be more proud of their unending dedication to excellence and the team. The ladies truly understand what it means to put the team first and all worked together to make it a memorable season. It was a true honor working with this team.”

Congratulations to the members of the 2013 Wheeler Winterguard on your Silver Medal and on another successful season.

“Always”   |   Wheeler Winterguard, 2013

WHS Winter Guard entertained competition audiences with their 2013 show “Always,” to the song “Older Chests” by Damien Rice. Members were costumed in 50’s-influenced uniforms, and the floor props evoked hope chests.

“It’s basically about memories, but the meaning can be interpreted in different ways,” says Guard Head Captain Gabi Robins.

2012 WHS Winter Guard Season
from Guard Instructor Stephanie Boisjolie

On March 31, 2012, we competed in the Championships for the Southern Association for the Performing Arts.  After being promoted to a higher class earlier this season, the winter guard received the bronze medal in the Scholastic AA division.

Going into the competition, we were ranked at 9th place.  The color guard went on early in our class, which generally means that they will be in the bottom half of the class.  However, the girls had such a stunning performance, they placed third!  Their score went up 6 points from the week before at Hillgrove which is amazing growth.  Usually color guards improve by only 2 points a week.

To top it all off, one of the judges told me Wheeler had the show of the night!  Many people told me they could feel the energy as soon as the girls stepped on the floor.

I was so proud of each of the girls and how professional they were from start to finish that day.  They went onto the floor and knocked it out of the park.  They represented Wheeler High School with a great amount of sportsmanship and pride.  They were just beautiful that night.

The growth that the girls have shown in the past two years has been amazing.  They have worked so very hard and have come such a long way.  It has been an honor to be a part of such a special team.

After winning the bronze at the SAPA championships in Chattanooga March 31.

We owe a great deal of thanks to the rest of the staff:  Jenn Albertson, Molly Favret, Adam Sage, Nathan Jennings and Robby Duke.  As well as much appreciation to all the parents who played such a huge role in the operation of the guard including Mrs. Glass, Mr. Stallings, Mrs. Kipping, Mrs. Bell, and the O’Connells.  Several other parents helped us as well.  A big thank you to the band boosters for supporting us.  We owe a huge thanks to the Korean Immanuel Church for letting us rehearse there for FREE!  And to Sedalia Park for allowing us to start our season using their school.

We ended the season on such a high note and I continue to be amazed by the members.  Looking forward to seeing them in the seasons to come!

Many thanks!

Stephanie Boisjolie

Photos from the Milton show >


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